Mercredi, midi & soir

A midi, on était à Rennes, dans le cadre du festival Jazz à l’Ouest. Concert en duo avec Wolfert Brederode. Et Boris Darley était avec nous pour le son. Les Continue reading

Come Rain Or Come Shine

Making our way through a rain storm to Eschen FL last Friday, our mood could not have been better. Then, playing and singing in the intimacy of Tangente for the Continue reading

Natural affinities

Saturday, we played in Munich, home of my record label ECM. The day before, arriving from Paris, we had the chance to meet up with ECM founder Manfred Eicher. Since Continue reading

Les amours qui durent

Pays de culture, pays que j’aime, on est avec vous.  On reviendra en France, même très prochainement, et on reviendra toujours. Merci à cette magnifique équipe à Nevers, on y Continue reading

En route

Dimanche, on avait le plaisir de débuter notre duo dans une salle tellement belle à Parme en Italie. Quel magnifique festival, ParmaFrontiere! Un grand merci a Roberto Bonati, Livia Baroncini, Pietro Bandini, Continue reading


As much as I love singing with my group The Gift, I’ve always had the duo thing going on, too. I’ve played in the duo setting with Wolfert Brederode for a really long time Continue reading

Coming up: European Voices, Schloss Elmau, “The Gift” extended

Thrilled to be part of Schloss Elmau’s concert series EUROPEAN VOICES this Thursday, which gives me a chance to play with great Norwegian drummer Per Oddvar Johansen again. I met Continue reading

The singers. Their songs.

Even though I’ve listened to instrumental music may be more than I’ve listened to singers, I’ve listened to singers a lot. And I love listening to many different singers, like the ones Continue reading

Research: “Jazz Utopia”, Birmingham, April 2016

Happy that our submission for the Rhythm Changes conference “Jazz Utopia” was selected for presentation. The Rhythm Changes conference is a four-day multi-disciplinary conference held at the Birmingham City University Continue reading

Shadow Garden

It’s grey here and rain keeps falling. But it sure is the perfect weather for listening.  Sarah Buechi’s brand new release Shadow Garden just got in, and when I read today’s NZZ, there Continue reading