Coming up

You have probably guessed by now that I am not world’s most frequent blogger. So much is going on and coming up, and I’d love to keep you updated more frequently, of course. 

On August 30, Wolfert Brederode & I will be performing in Groningen, at the ZomerJazzFietsTour. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Before that, on July 17, at 17:00, I’ll be doing a conference at the Montreux Jazz Festival, together with my colleague Dr. Angelika Guesewell, head of Research & Development at the HEMU Lausanne, speaking about diversity in jazz (women, men, MUSIC!). Most interested still after all these years in MUSIC itself, I don’t have any answers as to why there are still so few women in jazz. And I am not sure if it is a problem, either. Basically, I do have some questions myself, and hardly any answers. But come and see us, if you can! There will be music, too, by some of my wonderful students at the HEMU jazz department, Tenzin Ngingthatshang and Brigitte Savoy

In fall, concerts in Holland and Switzerland are coming up. Stay tuned.