Into it

Jimmy Giuffre is a great example of a musician’s musician – one that is loved by fellow musicians and revered by generations to follow. What love so much about him: his phrasing, his tone, the subtlety of his dynamics, the interplay he was capable of, his compositions, too, and his very personal style. 

May be my favourite composition of his is Princess. And this is such a beautiful rendition of it, live in Rome, 1959. He sure was into it. 

Here are my words for the song… 


music by Jimmy Giuffre / words by Susanne Abbuehl


Sing where the wild winds blow

Dance where the trees grow

Love all your days with might

Dream facing dark night


Reign over shadows

Sail storms

Shine within sorrow

Strive on


Bloom where the bees are few

Swim where the stream’s new

Dare as if there’s no care

Sway in the thin air


Song is the queen to rule me

Dance is the king to keep me