May into June

The week ahead looks rather full – of music, that is. 

It all starts today with my student Nina Reiter from Austria doing her final MA exam in Jazz Performance at the Jazzkantine. Her rendering of You Taught My  Heart To Sing had me in tears yesterday during their final rehearsal. Come and listen, if you can. 

Friday, more exams, in Lausanne this time. And then rehearsing myself with The Gift (with, for the first time, clarinetist Clément Meunier who will be our invité on Saturday). New compositions, and older ones, too. We love to play. 

On Saturday, concert of “The Gift” at Chorus, Lausanne. You can find some excerpts of our last concert in Lausanne here

And Sunday, we will be travelling to Ettiswil, where we will perform for the first time at the Stimmenfestival, a gem of a festival, that features voices beyond stylistic boundaries. 

Next week Friday, some of my students in Lausanne are doing their final exams at the beautiful BCV Hall. Inès Halimi, a French singer with a gorgeous voice (and perfect pitch) will do her BA exam, to afterwards go on and study for a MA degree in the classical department. And Brigitte Savoy will present her group Don’t Forget The Wine for her MA exam with an eclectic and thrilling mix of varied musical material that might make you want to dance at times, too. Both their groups feature great musicians from Switzerland and France, and I am pretty sure they won’t forget the wine to celebrate these rites of passage. 

Music. A love that grows and grows.