Nominated: The Juggler Of Day

Recently, I composed purely vocal music for a radio play production of Swiss Radio SRF, “Der Gaukler Tag” (“The Juggler Of Day”), a collaboration with the extraordinary director Claude Pierre Salmony.

It is a collaboration between the Vokal Ensemble of the Lucerne University of Sciences and Applied Arts (where I teach since 1999) and Swiss Radio SRF.

Ten students of the jazz voice department – Lea Fries, Nina Geiger, Adeline Hasler, Margret Horrer, Rea Hunziker, Cyrill Michel, Lena Minder, Alessandra Murer, Julia-Neele Pfleiderer and Nina Scherler – sang and whispered, and we included two wonderful speakers: my colleague Lauren Newton, and Marie Jung, a very talented young actress. 

I used poems as well as fragments from letters by Emily Dickinson. We chose to use the English texts as well as some great translations by Gunhild Kübler

We just got notice that “The Juggler Of Day” has bee nominated for the international PRIX MARULIC. The festival’s motto is “old texts revisited” (oh yes!). You can read about it here and here.  

These are my favourite letter fragments: 


Do you look out to-night? The moon rides like a girl through a topaz town. 


The Lawn is full of south and the odors tangle, and I hear to-day for the first time the river in the tree.