steps, again

Steps, always. Sorry to have left this space unattended for so long. My students have convinced me that 2016 should be the year that I am joining Facebook. So after years of not having joined the club (my fan page was NOT created by me) I now can be found on Facebook here:

My time to be spent on www is limited, and everyone said that I was the very last to join, so I figured that everyone else will be able to find me there. 

Next two concerts coming up:

Friday September 16, w/ “The Gift” @ Festival Label Suisse, BCV Hall, Lausanne, 22:00-22:45 (free entrance)


Friday November 18, duo concert with Matthieu Michel @ Inderbinen Concerts, Buchs AG, Switzerland 

Hope to see you there. 


with Matthieu Michel, photo by Gabrielle Besenval, 2015