“The Gift” in California

Our music travels the world, and just recently, friends from LA wrote to me and said they were driving when they heard music from “The Gift” being played on the public radio station KCRW

“A brilliant and most interesting album.” – that’s what Tom Schnabel writes about “The Gift”. Please find his post and the broadcast here

So many miles away, I still have such great memories of my year in Los Angeles, at age seventeen. I felt so welcome, and was able to just be part of it all as I was immersed in music, art, and American literature every day. Thanks to my host family and my being part of the music ensemble at high school, I got to travel a lot – I particularly remember Carmel, Monterey, San Francisco, the Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Yosemite. In LA, we visited Melrose Avenue frequently, where I loved the thrift stores and book cafés. This year away from home at an early age laid the foundation for my love of getting to know a place and its people by living there. I want to return soon.