“The Gift” on Mezzo


Matthieu Michel, Wolfert Brederode & myself


drummer Øyvind Hegg-Lunde’s perspective (first concert with him subbing for Olavi Louhivuori)


Matthieu Michel, always in the music


happy with them


all four of us – as well as our sound engineer Boris Darley

Starting on August 16, our concert at the JazzOnze+ Festival in Lausanne will be broadcast on Mezzo. 

I love the fact that you can choose from different dates and time frames – night, and day. 

When I watched the filmed concert some time ago I once again felt a huge appreciation for the musicians in my group. Matthieu’s breath and sound, Wolfert’s imagination and piano playing, and Øyvind’s dynamics and in-the-momentness as well as all three of them  taking up space and freeing it in a chamber music kind of way – and listening, really listening, too. 

Meanwhile, the great festival is already preparing its new edition… you might want to save the dates.