words on music

Whenever we are asked what music we play (by strangers we meet in the train, for example), we do not find the words to describe our music. I think this goes for many artists. Fortunately, there are writers finding the words we could never come up with, and journalists asking questions that make us think.

You can find a choice of the reviews we got here. 

Some articles are also out there in the web. For example this article in Libération on Compass by Dominique Queillé. And the interview I did for the UK blog Marlbank sometime ago about The Gift. Later on, Marlbank chose us as #7 of the 20 best Eurojazz releases of 2013 (and my drummer Olavi Louhivuori’s Oddarrang as #1!!!) as well as #5 of Jazz vocals best-of 2013

Getting ready to play another duo concert on Saturday, this time in Zoglau, Germany, with Wolfert Brederode. Having shared so many years of music with him counts among the greatest joys in my musical life. I love him so!