Working with my ears

After coming back from a magical place in the middle of nature (with no signs at all to lead the way to it – I love it! Whoever wants to get there will get there – as did Chinese fans of ours who travelled all the way from Berlin to hear us, as well as listeners from Italy!) and receiving the loveliest presents and letters from my sons yesterday, I continue working with my ears in various ways.

Earlier today I had the privilege to be, once again, examiner at the jazz department of the ZHDK (hearing a great singer doing her MA exam!). I sure do not take the trust put into me lightly – and I do remember what it means to sing exams. To see how students succeed in making music during exams is so inspiring and uplifting. In June and August, I will be examiner at the jazz department of the Musik Akademie Basel, where I taught before taking on my teaching position in Lausanne. I learn so much during these occasions, working with my ears. 

Tonight, I did one final rehearsal with a group of my students in Lucerne, before they went on to play a concert featuring the compositions of Carla Bley. It was late, but it was good

On the eve of yet another adventure I am so grateful for all the possibilities of working with my ears. From tomorrow on, I will be putting my ears to work in the studio during three days for a group of fantastic musicians, led by singer and composer Sarah Buechi. Sarah studied with me in Lucerne, and has since carved her very own way in music. She is intense, fearless, and very personal. Doing her very own thing. To be let in and trusted during a studio recording (one of the most intimate and important experiences in a musician’s life) is a huge compliment, and it fills me with deep joy to be asked for this.  Sarah’s call came during a time when I started developping a serious interest in producing. Can you believe I said it out loud now? Having observed again and again whom I consider the very best in what he does, Manfred Eicher, I know this is a long-time endeavor if I want to become good at it. Step by step. Working with my ears.