Horizons Touched

So I have been asked to contribute to an upcoming edition of “die horen”, a literature periodical, founded by Friedrich Schiller in 1795. The edition, due in 2015 and curated by Dr. Ulrich Steinmetzger, Benedikt Viertelhaus and Dr. Jürgen Krätzer, is exploring the possible relationships between literature and music. I will write (in German) about my approach to setting poetry to music.

My thoughts on this matter were also included (in English) in a book about ECM Records, “Horizons Touched: The Music of ECM”, edited by Steve Lake and Paul Griffiths. It’s honestly one of the most wonderful books I have come across (how could it not be, featuring the great writings of Steve Lake, John Kelman, Karl Lippegaus, Josef Woodard, Thomas Steinfeld, Peter Rüedi, Wolfgang Sandner… and contributions by ECM artists themselves). 

Check it out, if you can find a copy. 

Horizons CoverHorizons 1Horizons 2